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OC LICE REMOVAL guarantees your family will receive professional help for HEAD LICE along with excellent customer care. As a professional business operating out of Orange County, CA and surrounding areas we ensure that only the most competent professional NIT-PICKERS conduct our HEAD LICE removal process. Also, we take extreme caution treating your children’s hair and scalp to remove HEAD LICE AND NITS. We understand what our families are going through and we want to make our visit as pleasant a possible. Call or text us; we can HELP. OC LICE REMOVAL will come to you.

Ways of Contracting Head Lice

Before OC LICE REMOVAL can address your situation, it is best to understand how you can contract HEAD LICE in the first place. The most common way is through direct hair to hair contact. Places where such contact can occur include homes, daycares, schools, sporting facilities, playgrounds, camps, carpool, and sleepovers among others.  

Facts of LICE

They don't jump or fly

They don't pass germs or diseases

They are male and female

They feed off of our blood

They don't cross transfer in-between species

They are specific to our hair and scalp area only

The female louse is the carrier

The female louse lays up to 10 eggs per day

A live louse can only live up to 24 hrs off the host, they will dehydrate without feeding

Lice eggs/nits cannot hatch at room temperature, they need to be incubated by our warm scalp

There have been multiple studies that have shown HEAD LICE is contracted through DIRECT hair to hair contact

While it is nice to clean surfaces, it isn't necessary to go overboard because HEAD LICE can only survive on the host

It is IMPORTANT to remove all EGGS/NITS in conjunction with an effective treatment spray to ensure that your HEAD LICE INFESTATION does NOT reoccur.

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