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"Your childs hair should not be their home"

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Turn to OC Lice Removal for a complete, comfortable, and affordable experience. Easy to understand, straight forward pricing, competitive rates regardless of age, hair type and length or severity of infestation. We DO NOT charge per hour with add on increments regardless of how long it takes to finish our process.   HEALTH  FLEXIBLE  SPENDING may get reimbursement depending on the type of account.


FLAT MILEAGE between 20.00 to 40.00 depending on location ( It is necessary for us to charge because we come from different locations in and around Orange County)

HEAD CHECK 10.00 per person (waived if being treated)

TREATMENT 85.00 per person (anyone having more than 10 eggs/nits will require 2 treatments to receive our 14 day guarantee, unless it's a severe case with thousands of eggs/nits and lots of bugs it may require a 3rd treatment)

OC Lice Removal technicians will give you the exact cost and process once they have assessed your situation prior to treating, so you can make an informed decision.  


We use an ALL NATURAL,  NON-TOXIC treatment spray which is very effective for killing off LICE, along with our proprietary NIT- PICKING technique that is specific to OC LICE REMOVAL. We have perfected our skills, streamlined our process to be efficient, thorough, stress free and cost effective. We don't cut corners, every client receives the same level of care so it produces the same result every time. We are able to determine exactly what it will to take to rid your family of those pesky bugs and get you back on track quickly. We're NOT going to sell you a bunch of USELESS PRODUCTS, use a FANCY GADGET that is costly or tell you to do a bunch of UNNECESSARY CLEANING that will only add to your frustration. We're going to tell you FACT versus FICTION so you don't STRESS when it's easy to take care of. We don't want to WASTE your time or ours, because both are valuable and cost money. For example we've yet to see a SUPER BUG which can't be treated the same as every other treatment, it's perception and how it's treated. We understand our clients would prefer to NEVER see us again, which is why we take our time explaining factual content and detailed prevention so it will lessen the chance of a future visit. When it comes down to it GOOD OLD FASHION NIT-PICKING SKILLS, EFFECTIVE TREATMENT SPRAY and EXPERTISE matter most when eradicating HEAD LICE and NITS. If you want PEACE OF MIND knowing it's done correctly the first time, book us. Don't mess around contact OC LICE REMOVAL. IT'S MONEY WELL SPENT...


ALL family members residing in the home need to be checked at the same time

Spilt homes with shared custody, every member needs to be checked at the same time

If there are multiple families in one dwelling, ALL need to be checked at the same time

Client's must agree to these terms and follow through with completion of treatment process so we can inform your daycare, preschool or school that your child has been cleared to return to normal activities

If these terms aren't met, we will still treat but we will NOT be liable for the outcome if HEAD LICE return, by having our client sign a WAIVER of guarantee. It is important to do the job RIGHT the first time, so it doesn't cause UNDUE STRESS and cost MORE MONEY maintaining it. Our goal is to RID your family completely. We're NOT miracle workers, it's a process that has to be followed and done correctly to produce proven satisfactory results. 

When we issue our GUARANTEE, we do honor it, as long as it is within the 14 DAYS it was issued. No matter the circumstance we will come back out to help our clients figure out the root cause and take care of it at NO CHARGE. There are times when we make a mistake and if so we will squared it away. If your child has been RE-EXPOSED, we appreciate your honesty it helps us help you. 

OC Lice Removal GUARANTEE is offered as a courtesy and explained in detail to our clients. We appreciate our clients respecting the terms of our agreement and NOT abusing it. We take our BUSINESS seriously to provide QUALITY service at an AFFORDABLE price, that is COMPETITIVE and COMPARABLE to our industry.


We come with everything necessary to get your family squared away in the privacy of your own home, where your children are settled. You won't have to load everyone into the car to take them to a public place, we're very sensitive to our client's needs. We will work efficiently to remove HEAD LICE and NITS while being considerate of time restraints regarding little ones and of things you might need to do without sacrificing quality.

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