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OC Lice Removal Service, has many verifiable testimonies from our clients that have used our In-home head lice treatment service with satisfactory results. Contact us today and become a satisfied customer as well. 

In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. OC LICE REMOVAL was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why the quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!”

SW San Juan Capistrano, CA

Lehua has been wonderful in helping my family get rid of lice. She is available when you need her and answers all your questions. She make sure you don't spend any extra money on treatments or products. Thank you for helping our family through a not so fun time.

BS Huntington Beach, CA

So grateful for in home service, especially OC Lice Removal. This is the second time we have used Lehua in 4 years and she’s amazing! Very professional and easy to obtain same day appointments. 

RH Anaheim, CA

Lehua was recommended to me by a friend who had used her services. She spoke very highly of Lehua's professional and personal skills and I couldn't be more pleased. Lehua is consistently gentle, friendly, and reliable. We are grateful for her services and we would also recommend her to anyone. You're the best-Lehua

Thank you!!

TL Aliso Veijo, CA

I can't express enough how Lehua is worth every penny! She is extremely professional and knowledgable about the subject of lice. She has calmed our fears and reassured us. I recommend her to everyone ( including my hair stylist). She is very patient. I love her. 5stars*****

GR Alsio Veijo, CA

Lehua is professional and discreet. She guarantees results from her treatment and it works! I highly recommend her! 

JT Mission Viejo, CA

OC Lice Removal is dependable, efficient and highly recommended. I refer Lehua to all of my friends who have at one time or another struggled with lice. Lehua is very gentle with children and she is very personable and trustworthy. I feel very blessed to have access to such and affordable and wonderful company. 

DS Laguna Niguel, CA

Hi Lehua,

I want to say' "THANK YOU" for taking care of my family. You are so very kind, understanding and professional. Even though I freak out when I find them I am very assured knowing your skills will get rid of them as you have in the past. When you arrive your disposition makes me feel at ease. I appreciate the knowledge you willingly share in helping me to get rid of the lice. 

I am confident that if any of my friends get in the same situation I can refer them to you knowing that you will take great care of them too:) 

Once again thank you for your honesty and professionalism!

MC Huntington Beach, CA

Lehua has been treating my family for lice over the past four years. She is so professional and courteous! Lehua fits us in and comes to do treatments as soon as possible. She always explains what is going to take place and what if any treatments need to be done. Lehua and her company, OC Lice Removal, is the only lice service I trust and use. Lehua is the best!

AY Santa Ana, CA

We are so grateful for OC Lice Removal. Lehua came right away to help. She answered all our questions and put us at ease. My daughter has very long hair and a very tender head. Lehua was so patient with her, she didn't even cry once. Thank you for educating me and taking care of my family!

GB San Juan Capistrano Beach, CA

She is perfect! I wish my daughter would not have friends so she would stop getting lice. But as least I know who to call OC Lice Removal!!

CH Aliso Viejo, CA

OC Lice Removal goes above and beyond to meet the needs of their clients. I have called Lehua in a panic many times when we have had lice outbreaks at school and within our social circle. She responded immediately and came to our home and checked/ or treated us all. She made us all feel comfortable and confident that we were lice-free. She also provided documentation to dispel the myths about lice treatment and prevention.

NP Costa Mesa, CA

Lehua is amazing! She is always quick to come to my house, answer all of my questions, and calm me down. She is extremely reliable, professional and ethical. Anyone who thinks their child might have lice should call her. She has treated my kids on two separate occasions and has done an outstanding job. I have recommended her to my friends and they have been equally impressed. She is outstanding!!!

NK Coto de caza, CA

My entire family and I highly recommend OC Lice Removal. Lehua is so lovely and kind. She has taught me how to check my children’s hair to avoid any difficult cases of head lice. She has always gone above and beyond to decrease this mom’s anxiety about lice. 

MW Redondo Beach, CA

As much as we do not want to have to see Lehua, we are so grateful when she comes. In a stressful time, she is calm, reassuring, knowledgable and kind. I know I can call her anytime and she will help us take care of the lice. We love Lehua!

LA Huntington Beach, CA

Lehua is not only amazing with what she does, she runs an incredibly professional business. I would recommend her to anyone who is in need of lice removal and education.   She is a delight to work with and makes a difficult situation easy and manageable. Thank you so for helping us out! 

JF Costa Mesa, CA

Lehua knows how to keep everyone calm and explains professionally how to combat an episode of lice. I know that Lehua will take care of everything with 100% success and ensure months of peace of mind. She is a breath of fresh air.

BK Laguna Beach, CA

Lehua is such an amazing person. Her calm nature and caring attitude helped put our family at ease. We were very lucky to be able to have immediate service. We are repeat clients and would recommend her service.

BS Costa Mesa, CA

We are thrilled to have found Lehua and her company in our time(s) of need. It is very comforting to know there is someone out there to help us deal with what could otherwise be a traumatic ordeal. She makes this so pain free and easy to deal with. We are grateful!!

KE Fullterton, CA

Thank you for educating me on something that we all dread-lice! When I got the call from my sister after a sleepover that her daughter had lice my heart sank. I'd never dealt with lice before and knew the social stigma attached and the myths surrounding cures. Luckily, my sister knew who to call. Lehua came to our house and calmly treated all the children and provided head checks for us adults. What a relief! It feels great know that lice is second common only to the common cold and that only specific treatments work. Thanks again, Lehua, we were blessed to find you!

San Juan Capistrano, CA

Lehua is our saving grace! We used to spend so much time and money on treatments and nothing worked. Lehua is not only amazing, but she is a wealth of knowledge.

KR Yorba Linda, CA

Having lice is not a fun experience. However, having Lehua come to your home makes it bearable. Lehua is professional, polite, and patient. She puts you at ease, while answering your questions and resolving your situation. Lehua makes every effort to see you as soon as possible. I highly recommend OC Lice Removal.

JG Newport, CA

OC Lice Removal is to notch in efficiency, thoughtfulness and punctual.   Over the years with children we have had our battles with lice and thankfully there is Lehua.   She becomes apart of your family the moment she walks in the door.   Thank you for all of your help!

TC Laguna Hills, CA

I highly recommend OC Lice Removal. They are so great at coming out the day you call. She completely informs you about the facts of lice. I felt so relieved about having my daughter treated by a professional, knowing it was getting taken care of correctly. OC Lice Removal is the Best!

SS Santa Ana, CA

I have complete peace of mind knowing I can call Lehua to treat the lice when the kids get exposed. Her calm, reassurance goes a long way and her treatments have been 100% successful every time.

TC Yorba Linda, CA

Having Lehua as our "point" person has taken away all stress involving lice. Her peaceful and professional manner, as well as her effective treatment. Give me total confidence in recommending her!

JL Laguna Beach, CA

She did an amazing  job. She got all of the itching away and she did it so kindly too. It didn't hurt at all and we kept the conversation very interesting. Very kind and easy to connect too. Thank you so much. She got my uncomfortableness and itching away!

OL Irvine, CA 

Hi Lehua, We wanted to thank you SO MUCH for coming to our home and taking care of our family when we were all in such a panic over this little bug. I plan on outsourcing your card all over where I can. You were extremely professional and very kind. Very calming for a family in panic. We wish you well and we shall be referring you and your business often here in the LBC. 

AG Long Beach, CA

Thank you, Lehua, for working with our schedule and coming to our home and providing service for my children. You made them feel comfortable and at ease, as well as myself. You were very thorough with a gentle touch. You also provided our family with a lot of information to help us with the situation in a calm, peaceful manner. Thank you!

KM Tustin, CA

Lehua has saved our family on so many occasions. I call her early in the morning in a panic and she comes to my house that day and will stay late into the night to get the job done! She is so professional, friendly and knows so much about her subject. We love her. She is like family, I would never use anyone else and I have recommended her to many friends and co-workers. A brilliant service and a wonderful woman! 

TS Laguna Beach, CA

Hi Lehua!   

I just want you to know what an amazing person you are. You made all of us feel at ease, and you are such a kind person! We totally enjoyed spending time with you... Thank you so much for taking such good care of our family yesterday. See you on Monday for our check-up :) 

WL Capistrano Beach, CA

We contacted OC Lice Removal after a discovery of something I knew was not dandruff, and was quite fearful of the prospect of lice. Lehua was quickly responsive. From the first phone call and meeting, Lehua made a very uncomfortable situation much easier for our family to deal with. The ease with which she educated and comforted the girls was deeply appreciated. Her gentle approach to explaining a very delicate situation put us all at ease. Lehua made a personal follow up to one of my girls which meant a great deal to her. The "stigma" of head lice was not something we had dealt with before. We highly recommend OC Lice Removal for their service, knowledge and ability to quickly and effortlessly rectify the situation. We really valued her gentle manner and educative approach.

VS Laguna Niguel, CA

Lehua came immediately when I felt like I could freak out because bugs were living in my hair. Her calming nature and expert nitpicking took the bugs away and made me feel 100% better. I have used her previously and I am very happy with her service, because she came at 9:30pm and stayed until 10:40pm. Thank you! I can sleep well tonight.

RW San Clemente, CA

“Highly Recommend” this service!

After waking up on a Sunday morning and realizing my kids have lice I was in a panic! I called Lehua and she was there in 1 hour. I cannot begin to tell you how much better I felt after meeting her and having her treat my kids. She is VERY knowledgeable, extremely patient and most of all just a GREAT person! I felt so relaxed and in control. Peace of mind and bug free is worth every penny! I have her in my contacts so I can share this info with others.

Thank you Lehua

TM Huntington Beach, CA

Lehua has such a calm and peaceful presence about her, having her come to our rescue and do such a thorough job made a not fun experience totally tolerable. She is very good at what she does and great with kids.

DM Laguna Beach, CA

Thank you so much for your help. I will highly recommend your services. You were so sweet and helpful. Now I know not to panic if those critters return since I will contact you without question. Wish I would have used you from the beginning to not have waste so much time trying to remove them with others or myself. It was a waste of money, time, and stressful trying without your service. Thanks so much!! 

DH San Juan Capistrano, CA

Lehua is so professional, caring and a great peacemaker in an awkward situation of getting lice. We found her to be incredibly patient and honest. We highly recommend her to anyone who wants to insure these pesky bugs do not return! She is amazing!

KN Texas

I cannot say enough about OC Lice Removal and Lehua. I called them after trying to treat my 2 year old son. Lehua came to our house a few hours after I called. She was professional, courteous, and kind. She found some nits I had missed after combing my son’s hair for 2 hours for 4 days. She also treated me. Lehua educated me on what to look for and how to prevent lice again. Unfortunately, we had to call her a second time about 5 weeks later because my teenage daughter got lice at school. Since then we have been lice-free. We do our weekly head checks and use a repel spray every day. At least I know if we get lice again I can call Lehua and she will help us through it. OC Lice Removal is honest and fair. I didn’t feel like I was being taken advantage of. They are honest and have integrity. I would highly recommend OC Lice Removal. 

SS Laguna Niguel, CA

I am a 2nd grade teacher and mother of two young girls with thick long hair. When I learned that my family had lice, I panicked. I called OC Lice Removal after I tried an over the counter medicine and it didn't work. Lehua calmed me down and reassured me that everything would be taken care of. It was like a huge weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. She was amazing! OC LICE REMOVAL is both professional and informative. I was 100% completely satisfied. . Please know that if we are ever subject to lice again, you will be our first call. You are amazing!

Thank you,

CB Huntington Beach, CA

"I cannot thank OC Lice Removal enough for helping our family. They were there for us immediately when we needed them. Their professionalism, friendliness and attention to every detail was amazing. I have a special needs child and Lehua was truly wonderful, gentle and patient. For me that is a true gift. I have and will continue to recommend their agency to anyone." 

SS Huntington Beach, CA

We were desperate for help with lice removal. We had tried over the counter and prescription medications, Listerine, vinegar, etc. and nothing worked! OC Lice Removal took care of the problem with ONE treatment. The professional staff was thorough, affordable and beyond nice. Do not waste your time trying to get rid of lice on your own – call OC Lice Removal for a quick resolution.

BA Anaheim, CA

This summer my daughter got lice and I was panicked. I went to the pharmacy first and bought a home treatment. My daughter has a lot of hair and I had no "technique" for going through the hair. I felt overwhelmed by the laundry and hair treatment. Additionally, I wanted to warn everyone we had exposed; in doing so I was referred to OC Lice Removal by a mom in our Girl Scout troop. I was surprised that Lehua was willing to come the same day we called and was relieved as soon as she arrived. She is so relaxed, knowledgeable and professional. She educated me on how to treat lice in the future and how to determine if it coming back. She confirmed (by doing head checks on my other family members) that only my daughter had lice. I was pleased that all of the products were non-toxic and purchased some for all of my children.

Unfortunately one of my daughter's friends did turn up with lice about a month later. Lehua again came promptly to treat that family as well. Additionally, in doing my weekly head checks I found some nits. I called OC Lice Removal and was not certain they were nits. Pele talked me through it and I sent a picture to confirm it. He sent Lehua back to my house and the call was under my warranty so I didn't have to pay more. Overall, they made the experience painless. It is worth every penny and I recommend them to all my friends.

JB Seal Beach, CA

hooray. not one egg on either one of us last night at head check time =)

LM Laguna Niguel, CA

Your service is priceless!

TL Torrance, CA

When my daughter had lice, OC Lice Removal came to my house within the hour, assessed the situation quickly, advised us of the treatment plan, and dispelled the many myths about the little pests. They were clearly knowledgeable and competent and that, itself, had a calming effect on all of us. The price was less than what others had quoted. I wholeheartedly recommend OC Lice Removal to everyone!

JS Ladera Ranch, CA

After a lice infestation at my daughters after school care, I was told that my daughter had a lice check and that no lice were found. Well they were wrong! She had lice and I guess they missed it. I did a rid treatment but I was told by the nurse at school that she still had nits and that I needed to do a second treatment. I did not feel good about doing another toxic treatment on her. I tried to comb out the nits and eggs myself but after 3 days I just was not progressing at all, and to be honest I didn't even know what the nits or eggs even looked like. I did some online research and decided to give OC lice Removal a call, I called at 7:30am and someone actually answered the phone. I spoke to Pele and he must of talked to me for about 30 minutes about my situation I felt so relieved to talk to someone that cared and understood what was going thru. I set up an in house visit and Lehua came to the rescue. She was so calm and educated in lice infestation, she gave me great advice, peace of mind and my daughter absolutely loved her. She removed all the eggs and was showing them to me as they were being removed. I was so relieved that she came in and did her treatment, she even checked me my husband and son. Now I know how to prevent and check for lice. OC Lice Removal is the best treatment for lice I am so glad I found them. I wish the school system was as well informed as OC Lice Removal is about lice and effective treatments. Now I know that Rid does not kill the eggs only the lice. And also that not every child has the itching symptom when they have lice.

Thanks you Pele and Lehua I don't know what I would have done without your services.


Lucy Anaheim, CA

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